Go to the Home Page of Aventure Media's websiteAventure Media supports the Film, Games, TV and Interactive sectorsAventure Media is the Regional Screen Agency for England's East Midlands
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Aventure Media is one of the UK's network of nine Regional Screen Agencies (RSA).

Each RSA is an independent organisation with its own links to Regional Development Agencies, industry content providers, training agencies and cultural sector providers specific to its own geographic region.

The network of Regional Screen Agencies exists to develop film and moving image culture and industry - incorporating production, exhibition, training, education and archiving. The network also coordinates and promotes the joint activities and strategies of its constituent agencies. The network, and its constituent agencies, is independent of, but works in close strategic partnership with, the UK Film Council, which in turn invests in the Regional Screen Agencies.

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Download Aventure Media's Creative Achievements 2009/10 (PDF)

Download Aventure Media's Economic Achievements 2009/10 (PDF)