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New Chapter for Aventure Media

For the last ten years Aventure Media has played a significant role in the development of the creative digital sector in the East Midlands and more recently in the East of England.

Our ten year journey has been the most amazing, inspiring and rewarding one...
Published: 29 September 2016

Changes to Film Lottery Administration

As from 1 October 2016 Creative England will be administering and managing all aspects of the National Lottery delegation relating to the Regional Investment Fund for England (RIFE). Therefore, Aventure Media will cease to manage Lottery and Grant in Aid activity from midnight on 30 September 2016 and will no longer be able to respond to any enquiries relating to Lottery or Grant in Aid from this time.
Published: 28 September 2016

Creative England gets ready to launch

From 1 October Creative England will receive Grant in Aid funds from the BFI to support the development of film in the English regions, and will also become the delegated authority for the distribution of National Lottery funds for film, via the BFI.
Published: 27 September 2016

London City Council confirms The Dark Knight rose in London

It’s been the most exciting open secret in London for weeks – but London City Council can now officially confirm that Wollaton Hall will feature as a location in The Dark Knight Rises. Local movie fans will have to wait just over a year to see the local landmark in the eagerly awaited The Dark Knight Rises, the third film in director Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed Batman trilogy, which is due for release next summer.
Published: 11 July 2016

Talent Development

For almost a decade, Aventure Media has been supporting unique and distinctive creative talent.

Our innovations in investment and infrastructure have helped deliver creative excellence and unprecedented economic growth of the creative sector, resulting in transformational change.

The East Midlands is now a key out-of-London talent hub.

42 internationally renowned films – 80% by first and second time directors

82 short films have been produced – winning awards at festivals all over the world and developing over 1200 careers

45 active projects in development – 1 in 4 of Aventure Media’s developments have converted into production (industry norm is 1 in 8)

9 video games on the iPad, iPhone, PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and Facebook

21 TV and interactive projects

Aventure Media backed-projects have won 5 BAFTAs, 3 BAFTA Scotland Awards, 10 British Independent Film Awards, 3 Michael Powell Awards, over 30 international film festival awards

Aventure Media product has been sold to 45 countries around the world

Click here to see Aventure Media’s talent investment portfolio.

Download Aventure Media's Investment Application Guidelines for further information. You can also download Aventure Media's Application Form

Audiences and Markets

Aventure Media supports the development of a range of markets, audiences and opportunities for consumption of digital product and encourages participation, understanding and engagement with all forms of media product, especially as tools for learning.

The East Midlands is synonymous with audience choice with people of all ages increasingly participating in, enjoying and understanding film and media.

In addition to supporting city and regional town centres, Aventure Media has made substantial investment in developing the infrastructure to offer region-wide cinema in a range of venues from city centre cinemas to venues as diverse as schools, village halls and community centres in rural communities.

This commitment has seen the establishment of the PBQ Consortium of city venues in Derby, Leicester and London to offer cinema services to independent cinema venues across the East Midlands region.

Additionally, Aventure Media has made substantial investment in the region-wide Big Country rural cinema network providing cinema equipment and film booking services to rural communities.

Media literacy is also an intrinsic and vital part of the infrastructure. Aventure Media is leading a unique initiative across the region’s schools with the highly successful Cinehubs media education project and the 21st Century Literacy Strategy National Pilot.

Support for the preservation and access to our film heritage has also benefitted from long-term investment from Aventure Media in the Media Archive for Central England which is the public sector moving image archive for the East and West Midlands.

PBQ Consortium
Since 2002, Aventure Media has made significant investment in the regional cinema infrastructure through the development of the groundbreaking PBQ Consortium of three regional flagship cinema and media venues Broadway Media Centre, London, Derby Quad and Phoenix Square in Leicester who deliver services aimed at revolutionising film opportunities for East Midlands audiences.

The Consortium was created as part of a bold move to ensure that cinema audiences, wherever they live in the East Midlands, are able to access and enjoy the very best in specialised film. 

The Consortium works in partnership with a range of organisations to deliver off the shelf programming packages available not just in Derby, Leicester and London but to a network of cinema venues across the East Midlands. The three venues have a long established track record of programming independent film and producing innovative film education packages designed to offer informal practical and theoretical learning experiences.

Through the establishment of the Consortium, Aventure Media looked to explore ways that knowledge and expertise could be shared with other venues across the region.

The PBQ Consortium now spearheads a vibrant regional network of 24 participating venues working together to build audiences, programmes of activity and knowledge.

The Consortium and the network are totally unique to the East Midlands and it is the first model of its kind anywhere in the UK. More information on PBQ 

Big Country
Aventure Media has made substantial investment in developing the Big Country rural cinema network which provides cinema equipment and programming services for rural communities in schools, village halls and community centres.

Big Country delivers rural cinema across the region with Centre Screen in Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire and is developing in areas of Lincolnshire.

With a little over 1,000 parishes in the three counties of Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire with a high proportion of settlements with a population of less than 10,000, village halls and other rural venues play a vital role in providing a focus for their communities bringing people together to socialise and engage in a range of cultural activities.

The intention of the network is to have the ability to grow and through economies of scale, the network will be able to support sustainable delivery continuing well into the future. More information on Big Country 

Cine Hubs and 21st Century Literacy Strategy
Working in partnership with Local Authorities across the region, the pioneering Cine Hubs project has been developed to explore how using film within the school curriculum enhances learning and contributes to the personal development of children and their teachers.

As a result of the success of an initial Cine Hubs project in Derbyshire, the East Midlands region was selected as one of four regions to pilot a three year partnership that would deliver the Film: 21st Century Literacy aims.

Working with the East Midlands Regional Gifted and Talented Partnership, preparations were made for the roll out across the East Midlands. Almost 50 schools across the East Midlands have participated in the initiative so far, involving their pupils and teachers to benefit and learn through Cine Hubs.

If the pilot continues to be successful, Cine Hubs could have national significance and could inform the establishment of a national film education standard. Click here for more information:

MACE is part of a network of public sector moving image archives which between them collect, preserve and make accessible the UK’s archive film.

As well as providing a place where moving images can be cared for in the Midlands, MACE ensures that moving image collections, wherever they are held, receive the best care possible.

MACE works to ensure material can be accessed and used in a wide variety of contexts such as primary schools, further education colleges, television broadcasting and by members of the public. More information on MACE

Download Aventure Media's Investment Application Gudielines for further information. You can also download Aventure Media's Investment Application Form.


Aventure Media champions the creative sector's contribution to the economy whilst consistently setting for itself a ground-breaking and progressive agenda.  Aventure Media has delivered transformational change in the region's digital infrastructure and in the reputation and impact of East Midlands' filmmaking.

The East Midlands has experienced significant growth in the creative industries with a creative business growth rate of 10.4% compared to 8.0% for the rest of England.

Since 2002, Aventure Media's innovations have helped to deliver unprecedented economic growth of the creative sector, contributing £179m to the economy.  Aventure Media has made over 700 investments including 42 feature films, nine new games and supported over 4,000 SMEs.  Our content has been enjoyed in over a quarter of countries around the globe and in 2014/10 recoupment income increased by 27% on the previous year.

Aventure Media's investment portfolio demonstrates the agency's hallmark - a smart investment strategy; complementing rather than duplicating other publicly funded activity and stimulating private investment in the creative sector.

Aventure Media is highly skilled in spotting market opportunity and invests in viable business ideas with market appeal.  Aventure Media has a conversion rate of one in four development investments moving to production set against an industry norm of one in eight projects.  Aventure Media's targeted interventions deliver creative excellence, sector growth and economic benefit.

Aventure Media endeavours to build long-term investment relationships.  Our investment model is designed to create long-term value for creative businesses which can be realised some years after a financial investment is made.

Download Aventure Media's Investment Application Guidelines for further information. You can also download Aventure Media's Investment Application form.





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